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Data Management for Manufacturing, Distribution and Logistics Companies

How to Improve Every Layer of Your Business by Improving the
Way You Track and Manage Products and Materials

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If you’ve ever wondered why you’re not as profitable as you think you should be, it’s probably time to look at how you’re tracking the products and materials going in and out of your business. A fully integrated data management system can not only identify areas of waste and inefficiency, it can be a catalyst for whole-company improvement by improving your processes and operations. 

Undertaking a data management project is a complex matter. If you don’t make sure up front that you’re capturing the information that will get you the answers you need, then you won’t get the results you have in mind. Detailed planning and project implementation is critical.

No matter what kind of system you’re working with now -- ERP, WMS, spreadsheets or paper and pencil -- getting a better handle on your data can result in remarkable business results:

  • Enabling you to be a better competitor
  • Open up opportunities for new business
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Position your business for future growth

In this 30-minute webinar, you'll learn:

  • Signs that you need better information flow and data management.
  • How improved data management can improve your business.
  • What questions you need to answer to get the information you really need.
  • The role that your IT partner plays in planning and implementing your solution.
  • Mistakes to avoid when you’re undergoing a data management project.


About the Presenter

Derek Woolf, Chief Operating Officer

DerekDerek Woolf, Chief Operating Officer of Accent Computer Solutions, Inc., brings a unique perspective to the technology picture. He began working for Accent in 1999 while earning his B.S. degree in Accounting from the University of La Verne. With his financial background, he is able to look at technology from a dollars and cents perspective, and help businesses plan and budget for the future. He also oversees Accent’s day-to-day operations and continually motivates his team to be better than good – we have to be remarkable!

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