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Why IT Projects Disappoint

How to Assure Your Next IT Project Meets Your Expectations

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If you’re like many business leaders, you’re happy to invest in new technology if it means that you’re going to improve your business. But, unfortunately, some executives find themselves holding back on IT investments because they remember what a nightmare their last IT project was. 

When you make changes to your IT environment, there are bound to be disruptions, but how you plan and implement an IT project should make disruptions minimal. Knowing what to expect can save you and your staff from having to go up and down a frustration roller coaster, plus you’ll get better outcomes from the project -- for your people and your business.

We’d like to walk you through three different types of IT projects in order to help you identify where your past projects may have gone wrong. Then we’ll give you guidelines that you can use to set yourself up for success on your next IT project.

In this 50-minute, on-demand business technology webinar, you will learn:

  • Six ways that business leaders are disappointed with IT projects.
  • Three scenarios that uncover how disappointment happens.
  • How to set realistic expectations for IT projects.
  • The role of communication for ensuring project success.
  • How planning and process can lead to seamless IT project implementation.

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About the Presenter

Derek Woolf, Chief Operating Officer

Derek Woolf, PresenterDerek Woolf, Chief Operating Officer of Accent Computer Solutions, Inc., brings a unique perspective to the technology picture. He began working for Accent in 1999 while earning his B.S. degree in Accounting from the University of La Verne. With his financial background, he is able to look at technology from a dollars and cents perspective and help businesses plan and budget for the future. He also oversees Accent’s day-to-day operations and continually motivates his team to be better than good – we have to be remarkable!

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